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¡Footbridge finished!

On February 17th, 2018, five new FHECOR colleagues flow from Madrid to Managua (Nicaragua), upon arriving we went to a rural area in the region of Jinotega where during 2 weeks we collaborated with the NGO Bridges to Prosperity in the construccion of the San Vicente footbridge, which is a 67-meters long structure that span over the Gusaenera river near the community of San Vicente.

During the rainy season the communities remain isolated, with this footbridge they will be able to go to work, the doctor, to buy food, sell their crops, or 1,200 children will be able to attend the school without risking their lives.

The construction of the footbridge benefit around 4,000 people from different communities such as: Pita Abajo, Los Laureles, Pita el Carmen, Valle los Orozcos.

The volunteers, besides from our dedication, efforts and time to construction, afforded our expenses related to this project. If you want, you can collaborate for future projects! All support it is really helpful; You can make a donation to the project.

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