The location it is really close to the Township of Santa María de Pantasma in the Region of Jinotega , and the footbridge will span over the Gusanera river surronding the communities of San Vicente, Pita Abajo, Los Laureles, Pita el Carmen, Valle los Orozcos in Nicaragua. Those communities have been already working in the construccion of the road that approaches the crossing.

View of the river

During the rainy season, the river floods and the communities become completely isolated, this situation makes it impossible for the people in these areas to go to the market, to the doctor or for 1200 local children to attend school,  impacting their learning and their future preparation. Moreover, the construction of the San Vicente Footbridge will avoid the risk of lives of people when they try to cross the river, as in the last few years three persons have lost their lives and three more have been injured.

In the video we can see how they cross the river actually risking their lives every day.

The flood of the Gusanera River

The area where the footbridge will be built is dedicated basically to agriculture, based on corn, beans and coffee, the footbridge will help around 4.000 people, farmers and their families who live in the surrounding communities, and it will bring them  tranquility and better opportunities, promoting social and economic development of the area, and avoiding the isolation they currently endure.  Do you want to help us?.