The construction of the San Vicente footbridge is supported by our company; FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores has contributed  with £25000 to B2P, a week of work of 5 of their employees, training to them, some work tools, PPE, etc.

The members of the volunteer team finance the rest of their expenses, such as: flights, vaccinations, accommodation, maintenance, car rental and insurance (its need to be a 4×4 Pick-Up and with full risk insurance, as we will have to be crossing the river continuously with it as it is going to be one of the car used for the project), other auxiliary tools and other elements necessary to build the bridge during those 2 weeks of hard work.

Our idea is to carry out different activities to raise funds,  also,  B2P has provided us with a platform  for donation via Internet,  apart from other type of collaborations for anyone who wants to help us with the expenses. Each contribution, even if it is minimal, is very helpful for us.

Thank you!

Found-raisings through B2P

Help us through a donation to Bridges to Prosperity  today! All donations, even the smallest, are added to the goal of erase the rural isolation at remote communities.

B2P is an non-profit international  organization, what means that its donations are tax-deductible!

If you want to donate, visit B2P web and click on DONATE NOW to access to its secure system.

Solidary Calendar’s 2018

A small tribute to our Madrid for Madriz colleagues who built the Monte Verde footbridge last year.

In each month of the calendar a photo has been placed following  the construction details and as a colophon the photo of the Awards Demarcation of Madrid granted by the College of Civil Engineers of Madrid Unisversity, in the category of ” SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND SUSTAINABILITY ”

All benefits will be donated to the 5 volunteers to help them with their travel expenses.

Get in touch with us to have yours.

Solidary T-shirts

Very soon you would be able to collaborate with us, and order your the inaguration T-shirt that will be held in Nicaragua de 2nd of March.

Very soon a we will put a link where you will be able to order of how many t-shirts do you want and your size. Don´t miss this opportunity!.

Solidary Running Cross

On January 22nd the Solidary Running Cross – Memorial José Soriano took place in Ávila, we were well accompanied by family and friends who wanted to share with us a great day.

Solidary Party

Next February 10th we will celebrate a solidary party in which we will be accompanied by some Ex-Fhecores, friends, family and anyone who wants to have a great day. We will have some surprises so you better do not miss it.